About Sahara Afghani Gourmet Foods

How It All Started

Sahara Afghani Gourmet Foods started with a 4000 sq. ft international grocery store in the city of Dublin, CA. Our goal was to introduce gourmet Afghani food to the general public, and we did just that. Within weeks of opening, we quickly gained popularity. Because of our location on a busy street, many customers would walk in saying, "I pass by your store often and I had to check you guys out!" After trying our food, they were not disappointed. Many customers would walk out with several items that they were excited to try right away and soon they would come back with their friends.


The word was out: Sahara has new exciting food products that are local, fresh, and all-natural. Some of our regular shoppers work for larger chain grocery stores, and they told us that our products would be a great fit at their location. We have now launched of many our products at local stores with great success. Thanks to our regular customers spreading the word, we continue to grow in both size and popularity. We have found that producing delicious food will always lead to success, regardless of the challenging economy.

Proud Contributor to Non-Profit Organizations

Sahara Afghani Gourmet is a contributor to the Children of the War non-profit organization. We strongly believe in giving back to the community and helping those who needs it the most. Today's children are tomorrows future. To learn more about Children of the War Organization visit their website at cowf.org.


Our Promise

We promise to only produce the finest authentic Afghani foods.

We use only the same all-natural ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years in our culture.

We never sacrifice quality for profits, and to always remain accountable to this high standard.